Making Behavior Inquiries

Please contact Dr. Dunn directly with any inquiries using the contact link on this website. If a behavioral issue is suspected, Dr. Dunn will ask you to fill out a behavior history form, in addition to providing your cat's/cats' medical records from the past year. You can contact your primary care veterinarian and request that these records be faxed or e-mailed directly to Dr. Dunn. As it is always important to rule out medical causes for behavioral problems, Dr. Dunn may request lab work (such as urinalysis and blood work) prior to a behavioral consultation. This will need to be performed with your primary care veterinarian. 

The House Call

Once the patient history form has been reviewed, an appointment will then be scheduled for Dr. Dunn to come to your home, examine and evaluate your cat, review the home environment, and further discuss your behavior concerns. The in-home consultation will last approximately 90 minutes. 

Treatment Plan & Follow Up

A behavioral diagnosis will be made and a personalized treatment plan will be developed. This combined diagnosis and action plan will be provided to you electronically within the week following your consultation. Your primary care veterinarian will also receive a copy of the treatment plan. 

A typical treatment plan will include behavior modifications, environmental changes, and sometimes medication (depending on the nature and severity of the problem). One year of follow up telephone/e-mail communication is included in the consultation package.   

During her maternity leave, if you are interested in a (tele) feline behavior consultation, Dr. Dunn recommends contacting her colleague/mentor Dr. Ilona Rodan at