Cats are incredible creatures that provide us companionship, comfort and endless fascination. We recognize the importance of feline companionship in our daily lives. 

Unlike dogs (whose genes have been shaped by thousands of years of human breeding), cats are only partially domesticated.  This has allowed them to retain many of their wild instincts, which we recognize as distinctly feline behaviors.  While we adore their mysterious nature, it is not uncommon for behavior challenges to arise that can be difficult to navigate and threaten a once harmonious household.  Ultimately this can damage the human-cat bond and result in an enormous amount of stress and heartache.  

Fortunately with the right level of understanding and support, many behavior issues can be successfully managed within your home.  

Our goal is to protect and enrich the human cat bond by identifying your cat’s unique needs and how they can be managed within your home.  We will work together to find compassionate and practical solutions that minimize stress and improve your cats emotional well being.

During her maternity leave, if you are interested in a (tele) feline behavior consultation, Dr. Dunn recommends contacting her colleague/mentor Dr. Ilona Rodan at