We focus on:  

  • Urinating or defecating outside of the litterbox (house soiling and marking/spraying)

  • Conflict and aggression between cats

  • Human-directed aggression

  • Introduction of a new cat (or family member)

  • Excessive furniture destruction

  • And other issues related to stress, fear and anxiety.

How much does a behavioral consultation cost? 

A standard consultation package is $375 for single cat households and $425 for multi-cat households. This includes up to 15 miles travel from West Seattle.

For consultations between 15 and 25 miles the package price is $400/$450 (single/multi-cat). Between 25 and 40 miles the package price is $425/$475 (single/multi-cat).

For consultations that require travel beyond 40 miles one way or additional services, please inquire for pricing. 

What is included?

  • Approximately 90 minute in-home consultation with Dr. Dunn

  • Personalized behavioral treatment action plan (provided to you and your primary care veterinarian)

  • One year of follow up communication (by phone and e-mail)

  • Communication with your primary care veterinarian (as necessary)

Payment is due in full at the time of consultation. We accept credit/debit card, check, Paypal, and cash. A 2.75% transaction fee will be applied to credit/debit cards and 2.9% to Paypal transactions.

Are you interested in a house call by Dr. Dunn?

During her maternity leave, if you are interested in a (tele) feline behavior consultation, Dr. Dunn recommends contacting her colleague/mentor Dr. Ilona Rodan at catbehaviorsolutions@gmail.com

Disclaimer - We strongly believe that every cat deserves a good home and while Dr. Dunn's goal is to keep as many cats in their homes as possible, her duty as a veterinarian is to advocate on behalf of their best interest. On occasion this may ultimately result in a re-homing recommendation.